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About us

We have a dream!...

We are Åsa and Ulf Nomark, founders of Pop-in & Sing Online. Our vision is to spread the joy of singing to our participants – regardless of their previous singing experience or lack thereof.

We know how beneficial singing can be for overall well-being, and that’s why we dream of more and more people – yes, the whole world – daring to sing, above all because it’s so much fun!

The world's most wonderful job!

We are fortunate enough to work full-time with what we love – music! Together, we work as artists, choir leaders, and singing inspirers. We do a lot of pop music, but we also have a big heart for gospel. As choir leaders, we have the privilege of traveling around and inspiring other choirs, as well as doing concerts together. Ulf also releases relaxation music – Relaxing Piano. In most of what we do, singing and singing joy are incredibly central, and in Pop-in & Sing Online, we have really focused on just that – getting people to sing pop music and let loose and enjoy the moment. We also release our own music under the artist name NOMARK, and you can find us on Spotify and most other digital platforms. Our latest album is called “Soar” and was released in March 2023.

If you want to know more about us and the music we are creating

If you want to read more, you can visit our Facebook page by clicking here. Or listen to our music by clicking here. And if you want to listen to Ulf’s relaxation music, you can find it here.

Åsa Nomark, Pop-In & Sing Online

Åsa has always loved to sing, and already at the age of four, she started singing in a choir and has continued to sing or lead choirs ever since. After high school, she attended the music program at Helsjöns folkhögskola and then applied to the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, where she studied music education with a focus on singing, music drama, and rhythmics. In addition to being a singing teacher, Åsa has also taken musical theater courses at the Theater and Opera Academy in Gothenburg and has trained in the Estill Voice Training System (EVTS). In addition to singing and music, Åsa loves to paint and has a passion for health and makeup/skincare.

Ulf Nomark Pop-in & Sing Online

Ulf started playing piano and writing songs at the age of 6. After attending the Natural Science program in high school, he continued his studies at Chalmers University of Technology, where he earned a degree in Industrial Economics. During his last year at Chalmers, he also studied at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg for 2 years. It was a fresh start with music as the focus, and since then, music has been his main pursuit. In addition to music, Ulf loves to run and exercise and also has a great interest in IT and web design. In 2020, he completed a supplementary degree as a Webmaster.


Pop-in & Sing - your stress-free oasis during the week!

We’ve worked as choir leaders for many years, and we know that it can be a challenge for many people to juggle their busy lives with choir rehearsals, extra practices, and weekend concerts.

Are you primarily looking for a stress-free oasis during the week where you can just let go, sing, and be in the moment? We’ve designed Pop-in & Sing Online to make this possible!

Each session stands on its own

We know that many people struggle to make their busy lives work. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel pressured to attend every time. That’s why we’ve made each practice independent, and you can join in whenever it suits you without falling behind.

Pop songs in different styles

We sing pop songs in all kinds of styles and from different decades. We make special arrangements of the songs that fit Pop-in & Sing Online as well as possible. Plus, you’ll get a lot of variety because we learn a new song every week!

Wherever you are in the world

We broadcast our online practices via YouTube. That means you can connect for your weekly singing fix no matter where you are in the world!

Join for free!

We want to make it easy to join – all we need is your email address so we can send you the links to the broadcasts. There is no commitment on your end, stay with us for as long or as short time you want.